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      Maple Leaf Defibrillators


Maple Leaf has defibrillators at 5 permanent locations and 1 mobile location as below:

1. Fitness Center
- Defib:Outside Wall by Entrance
- Emergency phone
2. Queensway Center
- Defib: Outside Rear Wall facing swimming pool
- Emergency phone
3. Charlotte Center
- Defib: By washrooms facing tennis courts
- Emergency phone
4. Can Am Center
- Defib: Outside back wall facing the kiddie pool
- Emergency phone
5. Golf Course Restrooms at #7 Tee
- Defib: Front Wall

6. With Maintenance Supervisor or Security Rover Vehicle
- Defib: Mobile

Red Cross statistics indicate CPR may save 3-5% of cardiac victims but timely use of defibrillators may save 47 - 75% of cardiac victims. Each minute lost prior to use of a defibrillator reduces the chance of survival by 10% .

The defibrillators are checked by staff monthly

CPR and Defribrillator courses are given periodically on site.
Contact John Skeoch at 743-8661 for more information.